2025 Rule Considerations






  • When a playoff games gets postponed for weather/darkness, how do we handle the pitch counts?
  • How to determine breaking matching seeding for home field in playoffs when North faces off against South


  • (4/27/24) Game starts pushed back to 5:30 or 5:45?
  • (4/10/24) If there is a rain delay, do we extend the 2 hour time limit of the game?
  • (4/10/24) revisit the lightning policy to consider using a system to report strikes
  • (4/10/24) consider using GameChanger Leagues
  • (4/10/24) looks for solution to enter scores/pitch counts on the App
  • (4/23/24) review the multiple 60's and no 70's teams approach, suggestion -
  • There cannot be more than two 60's and no 70's.
  • Possibly, a team size limit if there are two 60's?
  • While allowed, it must be raised to the MAC board before the team layout is excepted for the season.
  • (4/23/24) clarify the scoring if a game is called in the middle of an inning.
  • (4/23/24) make a specific note about rules of host towns - specifically that pets should not be allowed for away games.

All Stars

  • Specifically call out that home teams are responsible for acquiring and paying for umpires and game balls. (this cost is reimbursed during the annual cost breakout)

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