Summer 8U Rules

General Information

The MIB Summer League is run by Westford Youth Baseball & Softball. This is the 10.17 Ruleset, last updated in June, 2018


  1. Games are six innings. Extra innings are permitted pursuant to time constraints until there is a winning team.
  2. Game duration is scheduled to be 1 hour 45minutes. However, a new inning can be started right up until the 1 hour 30 minute mark and should be completed (daylight permitting). A new inning should not be started after the 1 hour 45 minute mark. Both coaches and umpire should agree on the official start time of game.
  3. Keeping the final score is not a concern.
  4. The end of the game, either by weather, darkness or time duration is determined by the Umpire.
  5. The inning is considered over when either three outs have occurred or five (5) runs have crossed the plate, whichever occurs first. Runs are unlimited in only the sixth inning and extra innings for both the away and home teams. Unlimited runs do not apply to innings 1 through 5 of a game shortened by weather, darkness or time.
  6. All players are assigned to an initial batting order, which continues throughout the game except in the event of a player’s injury. Any player arriving at the game after the initial batting order has been determined must be put at the end of the batting order. Players continue to bat regardless of whether they are playing in the field in any given inning.
  7. Every player must play 4 innings per game: 1 outfield (minimum), 2 infield (minimum), no more than 2 innings at same position except as catcher.
  8. Runners must slide at every base if there is a play at that base (except for first base). It is the responsibility of the coach or on deck batter to advise the runner whether or not to slide. If a runner does not slide at a base and causes a collision with a defensive player, the umpire may call the runner out. A catcher may not block the plate without the ball. This is a judgment call on the part of the umpire and cannot be appealed or used as the basis for a protest.
  9. Pitching
  10. Any player on a team roster may (and is encouraged to) pitch.
  11. A player is eligible to pitch 2 innings max per game.
  12. Once a pitcher leaves the game as a pitcher he or she may not reenter the game as pitcher.
  13. If a pitcher hits 2 batters in one inning…3 batters in one game, they must be removed from the game as a pitcher.
  14. Common sense should prevail here. If a ball nicks a batter or hits him in a more or less uneventful way, we shouldn’t be sending him to first.
  15. Coaches are allowed one visit to the mound per inning. A pitcher must be removed on the second visit.
  16. Innings pitched in games declared “No contest” (rain out, lightning etc) are charged against the pitchers eligibility for that week
  17. No one is allowed in the on-­‐deck circle at any time while a player is batting.
  18. Catchers must wear an athletic cup. This includes any player warming up, prior to or in between innings. Any players catching or warming up a pitcher must wear a catcher’s helmet with a mask.
  19. Coaches are not allowed to approach umpires without the opposing coach. There is a zero tolerance rule for arguing with umpires.
  20. Strikes and the Strike Zone
  21. Batters can strike out.
  22. The strike zone should be large, just below the knee to upper chest. We want players hitting not standing up their looking for walks. Pretty much anything hittable should be a strike.
  23. Walks
  24. There will be no walks. When a pitcher has thrown “ball 4”, the coach takes over and pitches to the batter until the batter either hits the ball or strikes out. A “walk” is therefore that point in time when the coach takes over and finishes up with the batter. If a batter has 2 strikes when they take ball 4 the coach pitches with 2 strikes on the batter to start.
  25. The reason for the above is that we want the kids hitting. Walks aren’t teaching much at this point. The batter doesn’t benefit and the fielders don’t get fielding experience.
  26. Pitchers
  27. Pitchers should be pitching from the rubber.
  28. Tagging Up
  29. Tagging up and double plays will be allowed.
  30. A batter can take a max of 3 bases on a ball hit into the outfield. No extra bases on pass ball at any base.
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