Playoff Rules

  1. Only our Spring Season, Minors, Major/60 and Major/70 divisions will participate in the end of season playoff tournament.
  2. The playoffs will be a single elimination tournament, that starts immediately following the conclusion of the regular season.
  3. League standings, and playoff seeding will be determined by:
  4. Most Points (3 per Win, 2 per Tie, 1 per Loss, 0 per Forfeit)
  5. Head-to-Head (this statistic is not able to be calculated during the season using our website, as a result the standings on the website might be inaccurate. This will be factored in at the end of the season prior to the announcement of the official seeding results)
  6. Runs Against (RA)
  7. Runs For (RF)
  8. Coin Flip
  9. During all playoff games, the team that is seeded higher will be the home team and host the game. The home team will acquire the umpires and provide the 2 game balls.
  10. If a team is unable to field 9 players, CALL UP players will be allowed with the following restrictions:
  11. CALL UP players must come from a younger division.
  12. CALL UP players will not be allowed to pitch.
  13. CALL UP players will be placed at the bottom of the lineup.
  14. CALL UP players must play in the outfield only.
  15. Playoff games will end immediately after a game is conceded.
  16. All playoff games must be completed to their natural end. In the event a game is not completed it shall be considered a suspended game and must be continued at another time.
  17. Score and pitch count must be reported on the MAC website immediately following the conclusion of the game.
  18. The championship game and the semifinal games will require two patched umps at the same rate as the regular season, all other tournament games require one. No unpatched umpires are allowed.
  19. During the entirety of the playoff tournament the costs of all umpires are split between the two teams. Both coaches should bring their half of the cost for the umpire(s) to the game.
  20. During the playoff tournament, the MAC League will utilize the Babe Ruth tournament pitch count rules:
  21. All pitch counts are reset at the start of the playoff tournament.
  22. Once removed from pitching, a player may not return as a pitcher for that game.
  23. If during a single at bat, the pitcher reaches their daily max for pitches, they may finish the batter before being pulled out.
  24. The following chart shows the number of pitches allowed and the rest required afterwards.

Age Daily Max No Rest 1 Days Rest 2 Days Rest
MINORS 75 1-40 41-65 66+
MAJORS 85 1-40 41-65 66+
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